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The doctor busts myths about pets and their food during these tough times


While we all focus more and more on washing our hands and taking care of our overall personal hygiene, there are some common flaws that we often make when it comes to furry members of our family. And at the top of this list is the right nutrition for our pets. The threat of coronavirus has caused a lot of panic, which has caused people to accumulate essential food for themselves. It is also important that consumers purchase the required amount of pet food for their fur balls, which must be nutritionally balanced.

The nutritional needs of cats are different from those of humans and change with age. One should always give pets the most suitable food for their stage of life, full of the required nutrition. However, some people don’t pay attention to that. Veterinarian Umesh Kallahalli answers some common questions about COVID-19, highlighting the need to pay attention to this aspect of pet food to ensure they are healthy and safe.

Can my pet get coronavirus?

Based on current information, it is highly unlikely. Research shows that dogs and cats are not easily infected with this virus, and there is no evidence that they can transmit the virus to people or other pets in the home.

I can’t find my usual food in any store, what happened?

Pet food is essential, and Whiskas continues to make the food your pet needs and loves. The team will be happy to help you and if you have trouble finding your pet’s favorite food please email
[email protected] or call the team toll free 1800407112121, Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m. at 5 p.m.

How can I protect my pet from contracting coronavirus?

At this time, research suggests that your pet is highly unlikely to contract COVID-19 and there is no evidence that they can infect others in the home. We recommend the following three steps to protect your pets:

– thorough hand washing

– keep pets away from any infected person

– confining pets if they have been around someone infected

Can my pet carry the virus on his skin?

Your pet’s coat is like any other surface, so it is important that you wash your hands well after handling, keep pets away from any infected person, and confine pets if they have been around an infected person.

Can I take care of my pet if I am sick?

When possible, have another member of your household care for your animals if they are sick. If you must care for your pet or be around animals while sick, wash your hands before and after interacting with pets.

Is there any risk that my pet could get coronavirus from food?

Rest assured that the current coronavirus outbreak does not pose a food safety risk to humans or pets, whether through packaging or the food itself. The processing conditions involved in the production of Whiskas
food products they are enough to destroy the virus.

Are the places where you get your ingredients safe for pets to eat?

Whiskas sources ingredients from many regions around the world, using only high-quality ingredients that comply with local laws as well as its own high standards. The processing conditions involved in the production of food products are sufficient to destroy the virus.


As you spend more time with your pets, make the most of their time and provide them with the best health. You have the opportunity to invest your time in your health and development. As a pet parent, now is the time to rebuild and restart with your pets. You will surely come out of this confinement with a better routine with your cats and dogs.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of Whiskas, by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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