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Upgrade with upGrad during crash: 5 programs you can access at a block price of ₹ 10,000


The COVID-19 outbreak is disrupting normal life worldwide. Since most countries apply blockades across the country to encourage social distancing, citizens are now locked away in their homes, with a large majority of people working from home. However, this has left many people insecure due to extensive media coverage of the plummeting world economy, wage cuts, and job losses. But if we are going to look on the bright side, there is a way to make self-quarantine a period of positivity and productivity. The lock is giving working professionals the luxury of time that can be used to perfect themselves with courses that enhance their functional experience. In fact, at a time like this, organizations are also interested in improving their current workforce rather than recruiting new talent. That’s why now is the best time for professionals to learn long-planned skills, a move that can make returning to work easier and also open doors to new opportunities in the future.

For those people who recognize the need to improve ability during coronavirus-induced blockade, upGrad has good news! As one of the leading online education companies in India, upGrad now offers its students
An opportunity to start globally recognized MBA and master programs at only ₹ 10,000! In addition to its highly acclaimed international courses such as MBA (Global) from Deakin University, Global MBA from Liverpool Business School and Master of Science in Data Science from Liverpool John Moores University, this upGrad initiative also allows students to take their PG Program in Management and PG Diploma in Data Science with an initial commitment of only ₹ 10,000. Students will have the opportunity to experience Grad’s relevant industry programs until June 15, 2020. After completing this period, students who wish to continue can pay the full amount and continue learning. In a scenario where a student thinks that it is not the correct course, they can suspend it and make use of a certificate for the completed modules. In both cases, students can experience Grad’s cutting-edge curriculum through various case studies and live lectures from industry experts around the world. This is the first time that a student has the opportunity to experience learning first and then decide on admission.

In recent years, upGrad has been helping working professionals improve and develop their professional potential in the most attractive learning environment. With more than 20,000 active users and more than 300 recruiting partners, it has enabled many professional transitions into lucrative packages at some of the top companies worldwide. Let’s take a look at the five programs that
upGrad offers during closing and how it can benefit professionals who work over time:


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10K programs you can choose

MBA (Global) from Deakin University: Aspiring managers can enroll in this course that will enable them to earn a Deakin Business School degree. DBS is among the top 1% B schools worldwide and upGrad’s partnership with the school aims to provide 360 ​​degree professional support to students. This 24-month program will not only expose students to a global network of like-minded people, but will also provide them with the status of students at DBS, one of Australia’s top B schools that has been accredited by AACSB and EQUIS.

Liverpool Business School Global MBA: As a dual credential program offering an MBA from Liverpool Business School and a PGP in Management from IMT Ghaziabad, this 20-month program will offer students with alumni status from Liverpool Business School and IMT Ghaziabad. As part of the program, students also have a 1-week immersion week on the university campus where they can connect with their peers and teachers.

Master of Science in Data Science from Liverpool John Moores University: UpGrad’s strong portfolio of data-related programs includes the M.Sc. in Data Science in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University. This 18-month program will give working professionals the opportunity and flexibility to pursue a real master’s program from a UK university, while continuing to work on the India publication, where students can also follow their PHD from the same university.

PG Program in Management: This 11-month program will provide working professionals the opportunity to take advantage of 1: 1 tutoring sessions from industry experts, mock interview by hiring managers, offline base camps for networking, student success mentors dedicated and IMT alumni status.

PG Diploma in Data Science: This 12-month program has been designed by industry leaders to enable new and emerging professionals to quickly adapt to changing trends. After completing this course, students receive an IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status, a prestigious recognition in the industry. With this, you will have the opportunity to connect with a global IIIT-B alumni network.

upGrad understands that, amid growing economic uncertainty, the best way to secure the future is by ensuring that there is no gap between skills and industry requirements. These five programs have the potential to provide working professionals with an enhanced learning experience, even when the world is facing a pandemic. It’s time for you to make the most of this period and make a future-ready decision that will give your career an edge.

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Disclaimer: This story was produced on behalf of upGrad by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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