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India, Canada and Australia are among the first to control the Covid outbreak | India News


NEW DELHI: At a time when many countries have imposed a strict closure to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, statistics from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) and global gauges have revealed that India took longer than most countries in the West to appear 12,000 or more number of positive patients for Covid-hit.

The rate shows that India took six days from its count of 3,000-6,000 Coronavirus patients last week to double to 12,799.

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This when the United States and Germany took just two days, Italy three days, while the United Kingdom, Spain and France each took four days to double their account to cross the 12,000 mark.

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“This shows how our 1.0 blockade for the 21 days that started on March 25, which was widely touted as the largest exercise in the world to contain the pandemic, was successful. This, combined with the restriction on the rail network and the National airport restrictions have now given the opportunity to resume activity in industrial and rural areas by prescribing workplace regulations when we began operations in these areas since April 20, including during the 2.0 shutdown, “said a senior official. of the government in the ministry of health.

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MOHFW statistics also reveal that while the 2.1 lakh tests were conducted on the day the positive cases had crossed the 10,000 mark, while the 1.14 lakh tests were performed on the day the cases positives crossed the 5,000 mark two weeks ago.

Only Canada has done better than India in this parameter. Canada performed 2.9 lakh tests and 2.4 lakh tests for the same corresponding number of positive cases.

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In Italy, which has seen more than 21,645 deaths, only 73,154 and 49,937 tests were performed for Covid suspects for the same corresponding number of positive cases.

MOHFW and Worldometer statistics also reveal that India, despite its known groups of densely populated areas, has shown 9 cases per million inhabitants. With this, India is even behind Australia (253), Japan (68) and South Korea (207) and not only the United States (1946), Spain (3864) and Italy (2732).

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Statistics also reveal that among deaths per million inhabitants, India is marginally behind its Asian neighbors and transcontinental countries such as Australia (2), Japan (1), South Korea (4).

In the same category, Spain (402), Italy (358), France (263) and the United Kingdom (190) have crossed the 100 mark.

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