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Flipkart’s unique online reality hunt to stay home with Varun Dhawan inspires people to entertain the country while staying indoors


As the world moves through difficult times, we must find new ways to maintain a positive attitude. After all, the show must go on! You could surf the internet to find exotic ways to cook regular vegetables or try the “impossible” 30-minute training sessions or read the book you always wanted: the general idea should be to make quarantine entertaining. If you have a knack for entertaining everyone around you, with your flawless dance moves or immaculate acting skills, then this lockdown can help you bring out the best in you, while the most important thing is that you stay home. . Yes, you listened well, Flipkart Video believes you should channel your inner talent and show it to the world in a unique and interesting way, with a touch of positive entertainment! In association with Varun Dhawan, Flipkart Video has released their latest show “Entertainer No. 1” under their Flipkart Originals umbrella.

Varun Dhawan has always been deeply involved in various initiatives that are currently dedicated to helping people across the country. While talking about Flipkart Video’s unique initiative with
Entertainer No.1 , he shares, “Flipkart’s efforts at this difficult time are commendable and, through this new show, we are trying to entertain millions of fellow Indians as we bring in some much-needed positivity. I am looking forward to providing the best entertainment in collaboration with people from all over India. I look forward to some interesting entries from all over India. ”


Promising artists have already started uploading their videos, and if you want to participate too, the steps are as easy as buying something from Flipkart!

  • Update the Flipkart app to the latest version and open the app.
  • Tap the Video button at the bottom.
  • Select the show Entertainer No. 1 and participate.
  • Choose your favorite song or dialogue from the library.
  • Save and send your tickets.
  • And share it with your friends and family to collect the maximum of hearts.

Over an 8-week period, the show will consist of various weekly challenges, on a quest to find India’s most talented artists from home. The most popular entries each week will advance to the next round. And guess what, the winners will also be rewarded. The best part of the program is that the winners will be decided based on the number of hearts (votes) they receive for their tickets. There is a grand prize in the store and weekly prizes at the end of it all. The program is open to participants over the age of 13, which allows minors to participate under supervision, without restrictions on gender or geography, people can participate and show their talent at ease.

To take the excitement to a higher level, dancer, actor and presenter Raghav Juyal and comedian presenter Bharti Singh will advise the participants as they spread positivity and joy. Bharti believes this is a great opportunity for everyone to show off their creative talents. His mantra is simple, stay home, make videos to entertain India and rake on the moolah! She adds: “The program reaches every person who has a smartphone. Ghar Baithe, learn the videos from India. I think it is important to be home for our safety and find entertainment options with the family.” Excitedly, Raghav adds: “I am looking forward to meeting new talented contestants on the show, especially from small towns.”

So don’t wait any longer, open the Flipkart app and entertain India by becoming
Entertainer No.1 !

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of the Flipkart video by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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