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Pearl Academy leads the way to deliver creative education using online media

A few months ago, no one had imagined the state the world would be in today. Everything was business and work as usual for everyone until Covid-19 hit the world and how! With the blockade of educational institutions, academics have gone digital. Pearl Academy, a creative education institution with a 27-year legacy, ensures that learning for its students continues in the new reality.

Five years ago, Pearl Academy envisioned the role technology can play in student education, and began investing in the right technology, faculty member training, and the digital curriculum. This has helped the institution to make a smooth transition to 100% online teaching mode. Since the closing, 3,300 students at the academy have held more than 1,300 weekly online classes in new age design, fashion, contemporary media and business.

“We are in an interesting stage that requires a whole new approach to technology-driven education and limitless innovation. Learning in a new reality is the opportunity to take advantage of the current uncertainty and turn it into a creativity that defines the future. The notion that creative education cannot be delivered is virtually not 100% true. It requires the right approach and investment in technology, content, and training for faculty members to use technology, ”says Sharad Mehra, president of Creative Arts Education Society, the advocacy body for Pearl Academy.

This is how Pearl Academy is ahead of the curve despite the limiting circumstances created by COVID-19.

Teaching and learning through the latest generation learning management system.

Pearl Academy has implemented the world’s most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) and all faculty members are trained to teach through this online LMS. Before COVID-19, 20% of the general curriculum was digital and taught online, which has now been expanded to 100%.

Free access to Coursera and Business of Fashion course modules

Pearl Academy students can complement their curricular modules by taking Coursera and Business of Fashion certification programs. This not only gives them an advantage over others, but also prepares them for the industry.

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Pearl Academy mobile app

For students applying for programs at Pearl Academy this year, the institute has launched a mobile app. It offers a personalized experience to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your education and career. the
application It is a one-touch window for incoming students to gain a deep understanding, covering the course content and the opportunity to speak to faculty, career advisors, and current students.

Online admissions

To ensure that this year’s academic year is not delayed, Pearl Academy has decided to go through the entire online admissions process. Pearl’s online entrance exam is scheduled for April 18, 2020.

The current scenario has made learning much more immersive. Teachers have also taken advantage of technology-driven learning systems. This has improved the experience for both students and teachers. Technological processes are not only helping to disseminate information, but another way can also be qualified. If technology and its pathways are considered, the education sector will only improve further.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Pearl Academy by Times Internet Spotlight team.

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