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Nizamuddin Markaz: Tablighi Jammat head, six other people booked for wrongful death | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Tablighi Jamaat chief Maulana Saad Khandalvi and his six associates have been jailed for wrongful death under IPC 304, as the prima facie investigation indicates their action has led to deaths from new coronoavirus infections.

In confirming the move, Delhi Police Prode Mandeep Randhawa said that IPC 304 had been added to the existing FIR after taking the prosecutor’s opinion.

While the IPC sections under which Maulana Saad was previously reserved were available, this is an offense not available, a source said. A person can be sentenced to prison for 10 years if found guilty under IPC 304.

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The Crime Branch has also sent notices to 18 people who were on the Tablighi Jamaat organizing committee. Eleven of them are in quarantine. They were asked to reveal the names of the attendees and the reason for continuing Jamaat’s activities at the Alai Markaz, its headquarters, despite the announcement of the closure.

The police had previously sent two notices to the Tablighi chief with 26 questions. In his response, the maulana has stated that he does not know the answer to many questions since he was not present at the Markaz due to his quarantine period.

With the quarantine period about to end, police will now record his statement and decide whether to arrest him, a source said. Maulana Saad was last seen on March 28 and later claimed via audio message that he was in isolation. He has been communicating with the police through his legal adviser. His representative previously said the cleric would appear to the police if called.

The police also issued a surveillance circular against the 1,890 foreigners who attended the Markaz event and are now suspected of hiding in different parts of India. Various teams have also been formed to track down people who were in contact with Markaz members.

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