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India criticizes the US body for false news, says to stop communicating the war to Covid-19 | India News


India criticized the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) on Wednesday for spreading false reports in the media after the US body expressed concern over reports that greedy Muslim and Hindu patients were being segregated in different wards. of hospitals in Gujarat.

“As if his peremptory comment on religious freedom in India was not enough, the USCIRF is now spreading misleading reports about the professional medical protocols followed to deal with the spread of Covid-19 in India,” said the MEA spokesperson, Anurag Srivastava, in a statement at the end of the day. Wednesday.

The USCIRF describes itself as a bipartisan commission independent from the United States federal government dedicated to upholding the universal right to freedom of religion or belief abroad.

“You must stop adding religious color to our national goal of fighting the pandemic and distracting ourselves from larger efforts. Segregation is not being done in civilian hospitals on the basis of religion, as the Gujarat government clarified,” added Srivastava. .

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Reacting to report in a newspaper, USCIRF had tweeted that it was concerned with reports of “separate Hindu and Muslim patients in separate hospital wards in #Gujarat.”

“Such actions only help to further increase the continued stigmatization of Muslims in #India and exacerbate false rumors that Muslims spread Covid-19,” he said.

In addition to MEA, the new Prasar Bharti service also criticized the US body for “selling false news.” “Myth: USCIRF says #Covid patients are being segregated by religious lines at a Gujarat hospital, citing a news report. Fact: Unfortunately, this claim is based on a story, which the state government has already found to be false.” . He said.

Previously, the Gujarat government said: “The Gujarat health department has clarified that no segregation is being done based on religion. Corona patients are being treated according to symptoms, severity, etc., and according to the recommendations of the doctors. ”

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