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Chaos in Mumbai Bandra: how it all started | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: Bandra police filed an FIR against Rahul Kulkarni, a correspondent for a Marathi news channel in Osmanabad, for allegedly showing incorrect news that the trains would restart. The ABP Majha news report is believed to have been based on a letter written by a South Central Railway official on April 13 about a proposal for Jansadharan special trains.

Azad Maidan police registered an FIR for spreading rumors against a Vinay Dubey; He allegedly instigated migrants on his Facebook page to gather near train stations to board trains. Dubey was arrested by the Navi Mumbai police on Tuesday night and turned over to the Mumbai police. The case was then transferred to the Bandra Police Station. In a four-day tweet, he mentioned that his father had contributed to the Prime Minister’s aid fund to fight Covid-19. In a tweet, the state’s interior minister, Anil Deshmukh, said car driver Jatashankar Dubey (56) had donated Rs 25,000 to the fund.

Meanwhile, the protest in Bandra began at 3:45 p.m. when groups began to emerge from the slums around the train station. Within minutes, the crowd grew to a few thousand, mainly migrant workers from West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Their main grouse was that they had neither work nor money to pay the rent to the slums. The crowd left the Maharashtra Nagar slum near Bada Masjid and gathered outside Bandra Station at 4 p.m.

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Immediately after the western suburbs police control room noticed a crowd gathering on CCTVs, it was broadcasting wireless messages to senior officers. Police said more than 1,500 people showed up in 10 minutes to leave the city after rumors spread that the station’s trains would restart. Senior police officials tried to convince them for almost 90 minutes and even offered them food packages.

On Tuesday night, Deputy Police Commissioner (Zone IX) Abhishek Trimukhe said a crime has been registered at the Bandra Police Station under sections of the Indian Penal Code for illegal gathering and riots against 800 to 1,000 accused Unknown.

The joint police commissioner (law and order) Vinay Choubey denied that it was an intelligence failure. “We are reviewing the CCTV images. The mob that came together came from surrounding locations in Bandra East and West. We will find out if they had planned the protest, ”he told TOI.

A police officer who was part of the crowd control team said the situation could have caused riots. “A few thousand migrants from the slums in Bandra (East) also began to join the crowd in Bandra (West). Nirmal Nagar police officers were alerted in time and accused of dispersing the crowd. Mumbai police spokesman DCP Pranaya Ashok said senior officials told the mob that their demands would be brought before the government. But he got aggressive, “he said.

Although the mafia in Bandra (west) dispersed at 5.45 p.m., a police team was on site until Tuesday night. Former local corporate Rahebar Khan (currently his wife is corporate) said: “It was a disorganized crowd with no leaders. We asked them to form small groups to discuss their problems. The police also requested the maulana from the adjacent mosque to send an appeal to calm the crowd, but to no avail. ”

To calm them down, the police called the grain trucks with the help of BMC and NGO officials. Some queued to collect the food packages, but other groups opposed this distribution and shouted that they would not leave until they were assured that they would be allowed to return to their home states. When the crowd started fighting for food, the situation got out of control and the police had to resort to a charge.

A Western Railway spokesman said there will be no passenger trains until May 3.

Meanwhile, in Mumbra, around 250-300 immigrants gathered at the Rashid Compound, demanding that they be sent back home. Mumbra senior police inspector Khanya Thorat convinced them to suspend their stir.

(With Vijay V Singh and Nishikant Karlikar)

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