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PM Modi’s last announcement today: Cong rips PM’s speech, says there are no concrete measures for the poor economy | India News


NEW DELHI: Congress on Tuesday called the Prime Minister’s speech to the nation rhetorical and hollow on specific details, saying there was no mention of a financial package or concrete measures to revive the economy.

Congress chief spokesman Randeep Surjewala asked where the country’s roadmap for combating the coronavirus is.

He said that leadership does not mean making people realize their responsibilities, but fulfilling the government’s duty of responsibility towards the people of the country.

“There has been a lot of talk. But where is the roadmap to fight the crown,” he asked.

The main leader of Congress, P Chidambaram, said: “The poor have had to fend for themselves for 21 + 19 days, even practically asking for food. There is money, there is food, but the government will not release neither money nor food. It cries, my dear country, “he said on Twitter.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Tuesday that the nationwide blockade will extend until May 3 to combat the coronavirus pandemic, saying the move has produced a significant result by containing the infection.

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Congress spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said the prime minister’s speech was like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark.

“Incredible PM speech. Exhortation, rhetoric, inspiration … but hollow in details! No financial package, no details, no concrete elements. Neither for the poor nor for the middle class, nor for industry nor for companies. The block is good but it can’t end with “Where’s the livelihood problem?” He asked.

He said the prime minister must be sure that all concerned will fulfill their obligations and strictly observe the closure.

“After this: Should we pray? We want concrete palliations for these private classes and even for Middle India and MSMEs,” he said.

“The PM leadership is unique and without guidelines it is like Hamlet without the Prince of Denmark. Like PM without details! We want a greater allocation of GDP; specific specific monetary injections; Keynesian spending; loosen FMRB, etc. not a single word ! “He tweeted.

Chidambaram also said that he welcomed the blockade and understands the reason for its extension.

However, he said that the demand for money from the CM did not generate a response.

“A rupee has not been added to the miserable package of March 25, 2020. From Raghuram Rajan to Jean Dreze, from Prabhat Patnaik to Abhijit Banerji, his council has fallen in deaf years,” said the former finance minister.

While supporting the Prime Minister’s announcement to extend the blockade, Congressman Shashi Tharoor said the Prime Minister should also have announced serious relief for those who cannot make ends meet.

“I support @PMOIndia’s @narendraModi announcement about the Lockdown extension. I can’t rule out the gains made,” Tharoor tweeted.

“But it should also have announced serious relief for those who can’t make ends meet. MNREGA payments, JanDhan bills, GST taxes on states and help to sweeten the pill,” said Thiruvananthapuram MP.

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