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Nihang Sikh attack: PGI doctors re-implant severed Punjab police hand while imposing blockade | Chandigarh News


CHANDIGARH: The 50-year-old ASI from Patiala, whose left hand was cut off by a group of assailants, while enforcing the curfew, doctors at PGI Chandigarh rejoined their hand. After seven and a half hours of challenging surgery, his hand reimplantation was successful.

The team led by Professor Ramesh Sharma, head of the plastic surgery department, will keep the patient under observation for another 48 hours.

“After a phone call from Dinkar Gupta, DG Police, Punjab, we activated the emergency team at the Advanced Trauma Center in no time,” said Professor Jagat Ram, director of PGI. The main theater, which is closed due to closure, was reopened and the team prepared for surgery.

The reimplantation started around 10 am after the initial preparation of the amputated part. This is routine IGP surgery. “The hand that was cut was well preserved and in good condition. 50 structures have been microscopically sutured, ”said Professor Sharma.

Anatomically the hand has been stitched. “After repairing the bones and restoring some veins and arteries to circulate, we repair the tendons, nerves, and then the remaining connected arteries and veins again. Since the hand was warm, we restored circulation, ”said Professor Sharma.

The doctors say that since it was a clean and sharp cut of the weapon, they could operate for the reimplantation. “We will monitor the patient every hour to verify circulation. If there were any complications, we would operate again, ”said Professor Sharma.

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