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How IPE’s training legacy has been a key instrument in transforming students into world leaders

COVID-19 has fundamentally influenced all facets of the industry in India and abroad. Those with a digital point of contact are experiencing a revolution. Emerging technologies and new delivery models have strongly impacted the industry and led to this revolution.
NASSCOM He estimates that 40% of the country’s four million IT workforce will need to update their skills in the future to keep up with the fast pace of technological developments, especially in areas like automation, analytics, and machine learning.

In a rapidly changing corporate environment, being digital is at the forefront of most companies. These companies are training the entire workforce in the digital environment, among other things. With the rise of technology, there has also been a change in the philosophy of learning, and now the focus areas include big data analytics, internet of things, cyber security, etc. Events in the business world have become extremely dynamic and educational. institutes live up to that.

To ensure the best quality of education for its students that matches the current demands of the corporate world, the Institute of Public Enterprise in Hyderabad is moving at a steady rate over time. The purpose of management education at IPE is to refine professional managers by offering responsible management education and delivering useful research to create an impact on their stakeholders. The focus is always on quality and innovation and meeting the need for change.

The programs at IPE are tailored to meet the needs of various organizations in the public and private sectors. The post experience management development programs have helped the institution to provide a holistic management education creating an advantage for management students. The effort is to help and improve management systems through the development of competencies at different levels in the world of business, governmental and non-governmental organizations. His Postgraduate Diploma in Management revolves around developing ethical leaders with a business and global mindset, with the goal of sustainability and inclusive business growth.

Their Management Development Programs (MDP) act as a source of contemporary instances that enhance learning for their PGDM students. IPE is capable of producing leaders, who are not only at the forefront when it comes to the tools of the future, but also with today’s knowledge. The institute has been organizing MDP for the past six decades for state and central government officials and practicing managers of public and private sector organizations. It has carried out almost 100 programs for more than 2000 officers from IAS, IFS and other allied services. IPE has carried out more than 1,000 MDP and internal programs for practicing managers in the corporate sectors.


IPE It facilitates an Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) designed to train top leaders of corporate entities, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, to sensitize them to multiple multicultural, demographic and geographic challenges. They are provided with global information and corporate input to understand the upcoming challenges of the future. Its national module addresses leadership issues at the national and international levels encompassing demographic diversity, technological improvement, greenfield project exploration, brownfield project expansion, multicultural talent, leadership pipeline preparation, and building a new organizational DNA.

As an established group of experts, IPE meets the changing needs of the corporate world that is heading towards SMAC (Social, Mobile, Cloud and Analytics) complete with Artificial Intelligence and the digital revolution. Recognized for his political contribution, problem solving expertise, industry ties, and connection to public organizations backed by excellent governments and eminent professors, the Institute is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come.

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Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of IPE by Times Internet Spotlight team.

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