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Coronavirus Vaccine: “Encouraging” Results for Drug, India Joins Trials | India News


NEW DELHI: India is part of the WHO “solidarity trials” for the drug Remdesivir, which has shown encouraging results in severely Covid-19 patients who need increased oxygen and ventilator support, and will be able to access any benefit that obtained from viral antidrug once it is established for clinical use. The tests were carried out with Remdesivir, developed for use against Ebola.

The tests showed significant benefits for two thirds of patients with severe symptoms during use in a group of patients in the US. The US, Canada, Europe and Japan, Dr. Raman Gangakhedkar of the Indian Council of Medical Research said Monday at the briefing of the health ministry. The tests, he clarified, were not clinical trials.

The drug was able to help about two-thirds of the patients stop receiving oxygen and ventilation, he said.

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According to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), 53 people in the US USA (22), Europe or Canada (22) and Japan (9), who received respiratory assistance, received Remdesivir for up to 10 days. A compassionate use basis. These patients were administered 200 mg of Remdesivir intravenously on the first day, followed by 100 mg daily for the remaining nine days of treatment.

The NEJM report said that at the start of the study, prior to drug administration, 30 patients (57%) received mechanical ventilation and 4 (8%) received extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, a life support system used when the lungs are not They can provide enough to the body, even when given extra oxygen.

Eighteen days later, 36 patients (68%) had an improvement in the oxygen support class, including 17 of 30 patients (57%) who received mechanical ventilation and were able to exit the breathing device. A total of 25 patients (47%) were discharged and seven patients (13%) died, according to the NEJM article published on April 10.

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Dr. Gangakhedkar, who heads the division of epidemiology and communicable diseases at ICMR, said India was part of the “solidarity trial” being led by the WHO, which looks at the efficacy of Remdesivir and other drugs for the management of Covid-19 .

Remdesivir was being used in the Ebola outbreak. The drug acts on the Covid-19 virus mutation, which is why researchers believe it could work, “he said. However, the ICMR chief epidemiologist clarified that the article published in NEJM involved an observational trial and not a clinic . study.

According to a draft of the WHO R&D Plan report, released last month, Remdesivir is the “most promising candidate” among the different therapeutic options for treating people affected by Covid-19. This is because in vitro data (tests performed in a test tube) and in vivo data (tests performed on living organisms) for the drug are available for coronaviruses.

“Additionally, studies in mice using Remdesivir showed superior efficacy over Kaletra + IFNbeta drugs,” said the draft report. Remdesivir slows down infection of healthy cells by blocking viral replication.

WHO experts also reviewed the drugs used in the treatment of HIV, lopinavir and ritonavir, alone or in combination with IFNbeta. He said that among the drugs reused under consideration, this would be the second suitable option for rapid implementation in clinical trials.

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