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Andhra Pradesh MP MP blames Tablighi Jamaat for Covid-19; apologizes later | Hyderabad News


TIRUPATI: Andhra Pradesh’s deputy chief minister, K Narayanaswamy, accused the Tablighi Jamaat on Saturday of spreading the coronavirus, but later retracted his statement when his video blaming the main minority community went viral on social media. Narayanaswamy’s statement comes a week after Prime Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy called on people not to raise the issue of the coronavirus.
“I am withdrawing my comments made earlier in the day. My intention was not to hurt the feelings of people of any particular faith, ”Narayanaswamy told TOI.
Narayanaswamy, who chaired a review meeting with special tax department officials at the sub-collector’s office in Tirupati on Saturday, accused the Tablighi Jamaat of spreading the new coronavirus by mer ‘licking spoons and dishes.”
The deputy chief minister may have been the victim of a fake video, which was widely broadcast on social media, showing a group of Muslims eating remains of spoons and dishes. The video was discredited as false.
Claiming that it was not anti-Muslim, Narayanaswamy said AP would have only a few positive cases of coronavirus if the virus had not spread to the state by people attending the Tablighi meeting in Delhi.
When contacted, Narayanaswamy told TOI that his only concern at a time when the state is witnessing an increase in coronavirus cases, Muslims must stay safe by adopting social distancing guidelines. “They should cooperate with the state government and strictly follow the advice of doctors to prevent a new pandemic outbreak,” he said. TJR Sudhakar Babu, a YSRCP spokesman, said the meeting was accidental. “I have not seen the deputy prime minister’s statement, but there was nothing like impurity to blame the participant,” he told TOI.

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