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Punjab police attack: Nihang Sikh cut off the policeman’s hand after a fight in Patiala | Chandigarh News


PATIALA: The hand of an assistant deputy inspector and two of his
Punjab Police colleagues were wounded in the Patiala district on Sunday when a group of Nihang Sikhs allegedly attacked them with swords after being asked to show curfews outside a wholesale vegetable market.

Hours after the incident, police arrested eight men from a gurdwara in the nearby town of Balbera. Police said they recovered weapons, some cash and cannabis during the raid.

A group of ‘Nihangs’ arrived at the vegetable market at around 6.15am and Mandi board employees prevented them from entering the market as they were not carrying any passes.

The Nihangs first beat the Mandi board employee and then entered the vegetable market. The policemen present at the scene intervened and soon a fight broke out between them and the Nihangs during which the Nihang drew swords and cut the hand of ASI Harjeet Singh, while SHO Sadar Bilkar Singh and ASI Raj Singh suffered injuries to their shoulders and arms. and legs.

After attacking the police officers, the men fled the scene towards Gurudwara Khichdi Sahib and a police team chased them.

Patiala Senior Police Superintendent Mandeep Singh Sidhu, along with other top officials, soon arrived at the scene and sent additional forces to catch the accused.

Meanwhile, ASI Harjeet Singh, Inspector Bikkar Singh and ASI Raj Singh were rushed to the Rajindra Hospital from where Harjeet Singh was referred to PGI Chandigarh.

SSP Sidhu said a case was registered under the relevant sections of the law and that efforts were underway to arrest the four defendants.

He said they had contacted the Punjab police headquarters in Chandigarh and that a team had already contacted PGI Chandigarh’s doctors. “We are trying to ensure the best medical aid for ASI, while taking action under the law against Nihangs.”

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