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Narendra Modi: A time when India can save lives, we cannot let it go: PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi insisted that India help other countries that need hydroxychloroquine instead of opting for a blanket export ban after making sure there will be no shortfall in demand and reserve stock in India.

Sources present at the meeting where the decision was made to increase the production of the drug and make it available to countries that had requested its supply said that when officials proposed an export ban, Modi simply requested statistics on the expected future consumption. from India in the worst case.

This projection would explain the use by patients, close contacts and health workers, as currently recommended, according to production capacity. “The Prime Minister said he wanted to take this opportunity for India and the world. “This is an important moment where India can save lives and we cannot let it go,” said the prime minister, “according to a source.

The Prime Minister is understood to have been closely following the emerging investigation into Covid-19 and after reading about hydroxychloroquine, he called on some heads of pharmaceutical companies to ask about India’s production capacity. Coming from Gujarat, his understanding of the pharmaceutical industry was helpful and he asked companies to increase production. This was before President Donald Trump spoke of the drug to India, the sources said.

The state minister for chemicals and fertilizers, Mansukh Mandavia, said: “As we went to report to the prime minister on India’s production capacity, he already knew most of it. He wanted us to move on. His directive was to bring all stakeholders together to ensure that we increase production immediately. ”

Cadka Healthcare’s Pankaj Patel said: “PM Modi motivated the industry by saying that this is the opportunity for India to make a global mark. He assured us that help and results are here for all to see. This month our industry produced 20 tablets of crore. My company will produce APIs worth 15 crore tablets next month. ”

Modi asked officials to ensure that standard bureaucratic procedures do not hinder increased production to meet the demands of India and other countries.

India produces 70% of the hydroxychloroquine in the world. As of now, India’s need is 1.5 crore tablets and it has 3.28 crore tablets that will soon reach 5 crore. State governments have also stored these tablets which will reach Rs 2.5 million by the end of the week.

According to sources, the “India Model” of proactive drug assistance is quite different from the “China Model” where assistance is tied to conditions and quality is poor. Countries from the United States and Brazil to the Maldives have thanked India.

The Prime Minister is understood to have been following closely the emerging investigation into Covid-19. After reading about hydroxychloroquine, he asked the heads of some pharmaceutical companies to increase production. This was even before the President of the United States, Trump, spoke about the drug to India, the sources said.

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