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Vijayasai talks to Prime Minister, seeks Rs 5,000 crore aid for Andhra Pradesh | Visakhapatnam News


VISAKHAPATNAM: YSRC Member of Parliament and National Secretary General Vijayasai Reddy explained the state of the coronavirus in Andhra Pradesh to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a video conference at the college on Wednesday.
Given the ongoing debate over the period of the closure, Vijayasai Reddy said that he has asked the Prime Minister to lift the closure gradually, except in hot spots and densely populated areas. He applied for PM Modi for a financial support of Rs 5,000 crore, two lakh rapid test kits, two N95 lakh masks, 100 ventilators and sanctioned four virology laboratories in four medical colleges.
He informed the prime minister of the measures that the state government has taken to face the crisis. Giving a general idea of ​​the transmission of the disease, he said that the average positivity rate in AP is 6.5 and that it is 13.17 among those who have been linked to the Nizamuddin Markaaz incident in Delhi. All 1,085 people who attended the Delhi meeting have been quarantined and more than 300 have tested positive.

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