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India News Corona: India outperforms other nations in Covid response: Study | India News


NEW DELHI: India performs better compared to other countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea and Great Britain in the Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT).

OxCGRT provides a systematic transnational and transnational measure to understand how government responses have evolved throughout the period of disease spread. The project tracks government policies and interventions through a standardized series of indicators and creates a composite index to measure the rigor of these responses. Data is collected and updated in real time at the University of Oxford.

Monitoring of government interventions

Data is collected on 13 indicators, including how governments have responded to closing schools and workspaces; cancel public events; closure of public transport; launch of public information campaign; restrictions on internal movement; international travel controls; fiscal measures; monetary measures; emergency investment in medical care; investment in vaccines; test policy; and follow-up of contacts.

Coronavirus pandemic: live updates

Modi’s government has moved quickly since the virus hit the country and unveiled a series of measures to contain the outbreak. He announced a 21-day blockade, accelerated testing, closed public transportation, and international travel, as well as prohibited flights from abroad. It has announced measures to support the poor, and the Reserve Bank of India has unleashed interest rate cuts and measures to improve liquidity.

More about Covid-19

According to data from the Oxford tracker, India has consistently been in the upper band of the index, suggesting that the response was rapid, while other countries lagged behind submitting rapid measures. But he cautioned that the Restriction Index should not be interpreted as a measure of the adequacy or effectiveness of a government’s response. It does not provide information on how well the policies are applied, he said.

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