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Nizamuddin dargah: Tablighi Jamaat chief traced to Zakir Nagar residence in Delhi | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: Maulana Saad Khandalvi, chief of Tablighi Jamaat, has finally been traced back to his residence in Zakir Nagar. It is now being determined whether you have been infected with a new coronavirus. His family had previously told the police that he was in quarantine.

Delhi Police will now have him examined by doctors and can interrogate him during a video call. A decision has not yet been made on whether Saad will be transferred to a government quarantine center or whether he will be allowed to remain in his residence until he completes his period of self-isolation.

Saad, along with six others from Tablighi Jamaat, were booked for violating government orders and maintaining a congregation despite the ban on public gatherings. The police are aware of the rest of the members.

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In her response to the Crime Branch notification issued early last week, Maulana Saad had said she was in isolation. Delhi police then searched for documents and information related to the congregation.

Police had previously said that Saad was impossible to trace at his residence in Zakir Nagar. Teams were also sent to his other houses in Nizamuddin and Muzaffarnagar to question his family members.

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Saad was reportedly staying with a relative in isolation when police officers located him. Police have requested Saad’s medical reports from members of his family.

However, Markaz’s representative had refuted the allegations that Saad had eloped. He had informed the media that if the police asked Saad to appear for questioning, the Markaz chief would be available.

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Meanwhile, the police also plan to question Saad’s son, Maulana Yousuf, who issued statements and lectured on the YouTube channel, Delhi Markaz, asking followers to join the prayers in mosques in defiance of the rules of social distancing.

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