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Crown cases in India: 3 die in Delhi; new cases in India exceed 750 in one day for the first time | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s Covid-19 count jumped sharply on Thursday, with states confirming 781 new cases, by far the highest single-day number so far and 30% higher than the previous highest figure of 598 registered Wednesday, according to confirmed reports compiled by TOI from the states

Maharashtra led the increase with 229 new cases, the first time that a state has reported more than 150 new cases, followed by Tamil Nadu (96), Rajasthan (80), Gujarat (76) and Delhi (51).

The record number of cases on Thursday also broke the pattern of the past seven days, when daily cases had remained in the 500-600 zone.

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Up to 31 deaths from Covid-19 were reported across the country, bringing the number of pandemic victims in India to 232. These include 15 in Maharashtra, the number of state victims in 97, and three in Delhi, two in Ram Manohar Lohia and one at Apollo Hospital.

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New cases in Delhi include three cancer patients admitted to the Delhi State Cancer Institute (DSCI) in East Delhi and two health workers from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

At least 11 Covid-19 positive patients in Delhi are currently on ventilatory support and 23 are on oxygen, which could indicate impaired lung function due to infection.

The Covid-19 outbreak in Maharashtra remains worrying. The state now accounts for 20% of all cases in India and, more worryingly, more than 40% of all coronavirus deaths. The state’s fatality rate (CFR) increased from 6.2% on Wednesday to 7.1% on Thursday, more than double the 2.9% in India.

Gujarat also recorded its highest peak with 76 new cases in the last 24 hours. This is 29% of the total cases registered so far. Ahmedabad, a national Covid-19 access point, has so far reported 143 cases, more than half of Gujarat’s total.

In Rajasthan, 80 new cases were recorded for Covid-19, which is also the highest single-day number for the state. The total count of people infected with the virus increased to 463. There were two deaths in the state: a 76-year-old man died in Jodhpur and a 65-year-old woman from Ramganj in Jaipur.

Madhya Pradesh witnessed two recent deaths from Covid-19, including that of a private doctor who brought the death toll in the state to 32. The doctor’s children, who live in Australia, watched the process of the delivery of his body by phone.

Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan condemned his death and tweeted: “People like him will not be forgotten. He sacrificed his life in the service of the people and fighting against Covid-19.”

A Covid-19 death was also recorded in Telangana, where a 54-year-old woman died and 18 others tested positive for the disease, leading the states to 471 cases and 12 deaths. While the death toll rose to 12, authorities said they were somewhat relieved that for the first time in a week, the state recorded fewer than 20 cases.

Kerala, which was the first state to report the Covid-19 case in the country 100 days ago, has been able to maintain a lower incidence of the disease in recent days. The state count for Covid-19 is currently 357, and two deaths have been confirmed in the state among Covid-19 positive cases.

Andhra Pradesh on Thursday recorded two more Covid-19 deaths and 15 positive cases, bringing the overall count of positive cases to 363. With two deaths reported Thursday, the number of people who died from Covid-19 in the state increased to six.

Jharkhand reported his first Covid-19 death after a 75-year-old man died at Bokaro General Hospital (BGH) on Thursday morning, hours after his samples tested positive for coronavirus. The deceased had no travel history, authorities said.

Bihar recorded the highest number of positive Covid-19 cases in a single day with 12 new cases reported on Thursday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the state to 51.

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