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PM Modi Announcement Today: Battle Against Coronavirus Will Be Long, India’s Efforts Have Set The World By Example | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic will be a long one, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday, asking people not to feel tired or defeated, and expressed confidence that the country will be victorious in its fight.

Addressing BJP workers on the 40th day of the party’s founding, Modi also responded to opposition criticism of his government’s measures against COVID-19, claiming that India’s efforts have set an example for the world and They have received praise from the World Health Organization and leaders abroad.

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India is among the countries that understood the seriousness of COVID-19 and launched a comprehensive and timely exercise to combat it, he said, adding that the country made one decision after another and worked to implement them on the ground.

Opposition leaders, including Congressman Rahul Gandhi, have claimed that the central government did not respond in time to the virus. Modi, who emphasized the need to wear ‘face covers’ outside the home, listed measures such as thermal screening for international passengers, evacuation of Indian nationals abroad, and a ban on flights from certain countries and increased medical infrastructure. taken by your government.

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The government, he said, made “proactive” decisions with the help of experts and executed them in cooperation with the states. “The swift and holistic manner in which India acted has received praise not from within the country but also from the WHO,” the prime minister said, adding that India played a “key role” in holding the meetings of the SAARC and the G-20.

Heads of different countries have appreciated India, he said, noting that he has coordinated with different nations and that he himself has been in contact with some of them.

However, the prime minister also made clear that India is ultimately in the battle against the pandemic that has wreaked havoc in many countries, including deaths in thousands of developed countries like the United States, Italy and France. He described the seriousness and maturity shown by people during the confinement as “unprecedented”. No one could have imagined that people would display such discipline and a sense of service in a huge country like India, he said, adding that the nation’s collective strength was on display on Sunday night.

Referring to Sunday’s exercise in which millions of households across the country turned off their lights and lit diyas, candles, or lit mobile torches, he said he prepared the Indians for the long struggle ahead.

“All sectors of society; rich and poor, literate and illiterate, and people of various age groups, all came together to showcase this collective strength of 130 Indian crore. It further strengthened our resolve in this fight against the coronavirus,” modi said.

“This will be a long fight. We do not have to tire or feel defeated. We have to win in this long battle. We have to emerge victorious. Today, the nation’s goal, mission, and resolve are one, and this is to emerge victorious in this battle against the coronavirus pandemic, “he added. The 21-day national blockade announced by Modi last month will end on April 14. He urged BJP workers to follow his five-point suggestions, similar to what party president J P Nadda had said earlier. They must ensure that no poor person goes hungry, the prime minister said. He asked them to urge people to download the Aarogya Setu app, which informs and advises users about the coronavirus, distributes facial covers, and asked others to sign thank you messages for emergency personnel.

Affirming that the battle against the pandemic is nothing less than a war, he urged party workers to donate to the PM-CARES Fund and also encourage others to contribute to it to help his government’s anti-pandemic measures.

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