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Andhra Pradesh on the right track to verify the spread of Covid-19, experts say | Amaravati News


AMARAVATI: Despite the sudden jump in the number of positive Covid-19 cases in the state, experts in the health sector say that the state could contain the spread of the virus, since it had already tested almost all the returnees from Delhi and his main contacts and transferred the positive cases to the hospital.
Since more than 30,000 foreign returnees were also closely watched in the home’s isolation, the situation so far is well managed, they noted.
The government moved quickly to identify those who attended the Delhi congregation shortly after receiving reports of the potential for an outbreak in the cases and took the majority of Delhi returnees to quarantine homes. In fact, he completed the tests of almost all of the Delhi returnees and their main contacts in two days. Although the trend of positive cases among Delhi returnees seemed relatively high, the completion of the tests will help contain the spread of the coronavirus, a senior official said.
The government had launched a massive search to trace every suspected Covid-19 case with a thorough door-to-door survey by field personnel. The grand exercise, encompassing nearly 1.5 million crore households, regardless of foreign returnees and Delhi returnees, is expected to be completed on Friday.
Meanwhile, the state government has already transferred nearly 1,100 people who attended the Delhi Jamaat to isolation centers and collected their samples. According to Dr. Arja Srikanth, statewide Covid-19 nodal officer, around 91 of the 758 returnees from Delhi and 20 of their primary contacts tested positive for Covid-19.
“There is nothing to panic about the increase in positive cases, as it happened mainly due to increased sample testing. Positive cases could increase further in the next three to four days before stabilizing, “said a senior official. However, he said additional caution should be taken in implementing containment plans to avoid spreading the virus to new areas.
While the positive case rate among Delhi returnees is around 12%, it is only 4% among their immediate contacts. At this rate, experts believe the chances of Delhi returnees spreading the virus to more areas are remote. Furthermore, the positive case rate among foreign returnees is lower because not all were evaluated as in the case of Delhi returnees, one expert said.
There is nothing to worry about the increase in positive cases, as it happened primarily due to increased sample testing. The (number of) positive cases could increase further in the next three to four days before stabilizing

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