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Treat patients with symptoms, now | HT Editorial – Editorials


According to media reports, a 55-year-old woman waited in an ambulance on Friday in front of a government Covid-19 medical center in Ujjain. He had symptoms of coronavirus disease. She also had comorbidities. But the results of his formal test had not come. The hospital said that since only confirmed cases were admitted, she was not eligible. His relatives continued to plead, without success. The woman died. Two days later, the test results showed that she did have the virus. Could she have been saved if she had been admitted?

A human tragedy often, forcefully tells a larger story of systemic weaknesses. India is testing far less than it should, although to be sure, the numbers have increased now. The test results take a few days to appear. But the hospital’s rules for admitting patients are restrictive. All this is taking its toll and costs lives. It is now well known that the virus is misleading; many infected people may show no symptoms. If there is no aggressive evidence, then those people may not only continue to suffer, but may pass the infection on to others. But in cases where symptoms are also visible, such as in Ujjain, the health system is taking too long to evaluate and admit patients. This is a virus in which people can go from mild symptoms to becoming seriously ill very quickly; This makes it even more urgent to intervene, isolate, and offer early treatment. For this, it is essential to liberalize patient admission rules. Hospitals should not reject patients. Learn from Ujjain.

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