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Mumbai coronavirus news: Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai declared the containment area as 26 nurses and three doctors tested positive | Mumbai News


MUMBAI: BMC has declared Wockhardt Hospital a containment area after 26 nurses and three doctors tested positive for Covid-19 for a week. No one would be allowed to enter or leave the Mumbai Central hospital until everyone in the hospital tests negative twice in a row, a civic official said.

Additional municipal commissioner Suresh Kakani said a team under executive health leadership was established to investigate how the infection spread among so many in a hospital. “It is unfortunate that such a large group of cases comes from a medical facility. They should have taken precautions,” he said.

Samples from more than 270 hospital employees and some patients have been sent for testing. The nurses who tested positive were transferred from rooms in Vile Parle to the hospital. The hospital canteen continues to operate and will provide food. Senior Inspector Savalaram Agawane of the Agripada police station said an officer and two officers have been dispatched to restrict movements.

With almost 30 cases, the hospital now has more cases than many neighborhoods in the city. The data shows that only the G-South and D wards have more than 30 cases. The hospital administration did not comment on why and how many among the staff tested positive. “Our emergency services and OPD are closed and there will be no admissions,” said a spokesman, who declined to comment further. A 70-year-old heart attack patient, said to be the source of the infection, tested positive on March 27. Two nurses who had treated the man also tested positive. Then many nurses got sick and started testing positive. Two of the affected doctors are admitted to SevenHills and one to the SL Raheja Hospital, Mahim.

Wockhardt’s staff alleged that the infection spread rapidly since the hospital did not quarantine the colleagues and roommates of the infected nurses. The United Nurses Association said they were not examined or removed from shifts until symptoms emerged, a charge the hospital has denied. The union has alleged that the nurses did not receive PPE despite caring for suspected Covid-19 patients.

In a combined letter, UNA and Jan Swasthya Abhiyan stated that the hospital’s two Covid-19 wards are full: “The hospital has not given nurses access to their own test reports. Many of those quarantined in the shelter or other wards have been moved to the Covid ward. Some who cared for the quarantined nurses have been admitted to the Covidward. ” The bodies have filed a series of lawsuits for hospitals in general, including not putting pregnant nurses on Covid service.

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