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Light a candle, Diya: when India was lit during the coronavirus blockade | India News


NEW DELHI: Citizens across the country lit diyas, candles, and lit their mobile lights and torches on Sunday after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal for a 9-minute blackout to dispel the “darkness” spread by the coronavirus.

When the clock struck nine o’clock at night, the lights went out in most houses and people gathered on the balconies, turning on moving lights while some lit candles and candles.

Firecrackers also exploded and conch shells were voiced to express a collective resolve to destroy the gloom created by the pandemic.

PM Modi lit a lamp after turning off all the lights at his residence on Sunday night, joining the country on the way to mark struggles against the coronavirus.

PM tweeted a Sanskrit shloka which means: “Greetings in the light of the lamp which brings auspiciousness, health and prosperity, which destroys hostile feelings; greetings in the light of the lamp.”

“President Kovind with the First Lady and family members joined their fellow citizens in demonstrating collective solidarity and positivity by lighting candles. He expressed his gratitude to all Indians for showing resolve and resistance in the fight against COVID-19.”

In Chennai, people formed the map of India by lighting earth lamps, while in Lucknow, Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath lit earth lamps to form an ‘Om’ in his residence.

People in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, turned off the lights in their houses and lit ground lamps at 9 p.m.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu also turned off all the lights in his residence and lit the ground lamps in response to Prime Minister Modi’s call.

Several Union ministers and other politicians also participated in the exercise.

Union Interior Minister Amit Shah also lit earth lamps at his residence.

West Bengal Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar turned off all the lights in his residence and turned on the ground lamps.

Prime Minister Modi’s mother, Heeraben, also lit an earth lamp after turning off all the lights at his Gujarat residence.

“At home, lighting diyas for a few moments of mindfulness and thinking about our community, even as we work day and night as a single nation”

Some celebrities also joined the country to show solidarity in the fight against the rapidly spreading pandemic COVID-19, lighting lamps and candles.

Sachin Tendulkar thanked the sanitation workers for their selfless service and posted a photograph where everyone was holding a candle.

Saina Nehwal, who recently joined the BJP, said she is proud of the country. “We are fighting a lot with Coronavirus and I am sure that we will come out as winners”

Bollywood actors, including Akshay Kumar, Arjun Rampal, Kriti Sanon, and Raveena Tandon, lit candles in their homes to show solidarity with citizens across the country.

Lata Mangeshkar shared a photo of her lighting a diya.

Sharing a photo with his wife Latha, superstar Rajinikanth tweeted, “#StayHomeStaySafe #Solidarity #Unity #IndiaFightsCoronavirus.”

People were also seen standing at their front door in response to the PM’s call and the lighting of diyas. However, in some parts of the country, people also crack cookies.

Residents of a society in Central Chennai also turned off the lights in their houses.

People in a residential building in Bhubaneswar chanted ‘Gayatri Mantra’ after lighting ground lamps.

The prime minister on Friday urged people to turn off the lights in their homes and light mobile phone lamps, candles or torches for nine minutes at 9 p.m. on April 5 to show the country’s “collective resolve” to overcome

This is the second time
Modi He has tried to rally people amid the ongoing blockade.

On March 24
Modi announced a 21-day blockade across the country from March 25 to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that social distancing was the only way to deal with the deadly virus.

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