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NEW DELHI / MUMBAI: The government launched one of the largest cash transfer schemes in history on Friday, including the deposit of more than Rs 30 billion in the account of women account holders Jan Dhan, as well as 5,000 Rs million in the linked accounts of Rs 8 million poor households with LPG connections provided under ‘Ujjwala’.

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On day 1 of PM Jan Dhan’s transfer scheme, 500 rupees were deposited into the accounts of 4 crore women, and the government ordered the banks to ensure that the inactive accounts were reactivated to ensure that no beneficiary remained. The mega-exercise, which will see deposits based on the last digit of the account number, saw several thousand account holders visit their nearest bank branches and ATMs, although commercial correspondents have been pressured to ensure immediate delivery of the benefits. All accounts will receive funds by April 9.

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While the banks said they had made all the arrangements for the orderly withdrawal, there were cases of overcrowding. Some branches also faced pressure because they agreed with pensioners who came to collect their monthly pension.

Similarly, the transfer of funds for the purchase of three free cooking gas cylinders for April has begun. State-run fuel retailers will transfer funds before May 4 and June in advance so beneficiaries can buy LPG cylinders under a Rs 1.7 lakh-crore relief package for the poor, which includes a gas cylinder for cooking free for three months. Ujjwala consumers will have the option of obtaining three regular 14.2 kg refills or up to eight 5 kg cylinders, commonly known as “Chhotua”.

Ujjwala has established itself as a major vehicle for social change and will re-emerge as a key player in India’s fight against the coronavirus, oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan told the land leaders who implemented the scheme when a series of interactive video conference sessions with more than 700 ‘district nodal officers (DNO)’.

In the event that a Ujjwala consumer does not take all three cylinders by June, they can use the money to purchase a refill anytime until March 2021.

Pradhan told IndianOil, HPCL and BPCL officials to ensure the delivery of LPG cylinders “free” to Ujjwala consumers without affecting the overall supply rate. The three government fuel retailers are delivering 60 lakh of cylinders a day, or 15% more than usual.

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