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Nizamuddin News: NSA Ajit Doval stepped in to vacate Delhi facility Nizamuddin Markaz | India News


NEW DELHI: Ajit Doval, National Security Adviser (NSA), had contacted Jamaat representatives in Nizamuddin to convince them to vacate the Markaz facilities and take the COVID-19 test, government sources said.
More than 2,000 people attended the congregation there.
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“The NSA had to intervene as there was a large congregation there for several days and after their intervention, the Jamaat leaders also cooperated and left the site,” the sources said.
Over the years, the NSA has established good terms with the Muslim leadership, and its connections have been helpful in the past, too, in trying to calm communal tensions. This was evident during the recent Delhi riots, as well as when tension began to build around the Ram Mandir Temple, Ayodhya’s verdict by the Supreme Court, the sources said.
A large religious gathering was held in the Markaz building in Nizamuddin between March 13-15, the meeting became the center of attention after more than 24 people who attended the event tested positive for coronavirus.
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Nizamuddin Markaz and the area around him are being disinfected by a team from the South Delhi Municipal Corporation after people were brought in earlier today.

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