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Nizamuddin incident in Delhi: Tamil Nadu watches the great coronavirus crisis as 10 Tablighi delegates test + five after the Nizamuddin incident | India News


CHENNAI: While Tamil Nadu recorded 17 more cases of Covid-19 on Monday and at least one more suspicious score of being infected, the state anti-Covid-19 machinery went into action to track down the 980 Tamil Muslims who participated in a Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) conference in New Delhi and returned home. While 28 are believed to be from Coimbatore, CM Edappadi K Palaniswami confirmed that 10 were members of the Erode TJ delegation.

A 65-year-old TN Muslim preacher from TJ, which is a religious outreach organization, died on Sunday and several others at a mosque in west Nizamuddin of Delhi showed symptoms similar to those of Covid-19, causing panic among hundreds of prisoners.

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Nizamuddin incident in Delhi: Tamil Nadu watches the great coronavirus crisis as 10 Tablighi delegates test + five after the Nizamuddin incident | India News

Coronavirus: 10 deaths, 300 hospitalizations linked to Tablighi Jamaat found in Nizamuddin

In a sudden outbreak and the detection of multiple cases of coronavirus, the Delhi-based Tablighi Jamaat headquarters in Nizamuddin West has become an entry point. This month he had hosted a congregation attended by followers from abroad and from India. Nine Indians in attendance, six in Telengana and one in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and J&K, died from the disease.

At least 1,500 Muslims from TN participated in a three-day conference that ended on March 23. While around 900 returned, taking flights and buses home, 600 remained in the Banglewali Mosque, rubbing shoulders with 800 other TJ followers from Delhi, UP, Ranchi, Andaman and Nicobar and other parts of the country.

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The CM told reporters that among Erode’s 17 new cases Monday, 10 were among the 981 who returned from the conference. “The numbers increased for this team,” he said. Facing increasing cases at home, TN now has the onerous task of tracking the approximately 900 returning Tamil Muslims, in addition to identifying, examining and isolating their families and contacts.

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The state’s district collectors are on the job of tracking down those who participated in the conference. “We have isolated 33, of which 10 have tested positive. The operation is still ongoing to identify Muslim members and their families, ”said Erode’s collector, C Kathiravan. In Coimbatore, 44 of the 61 had been tracked and 41 tested. “Families refused to get tested. We were firm with them, ”said Coimbatore collector K Rajamani.

“Today, health department officials visited my home and reviewed the symptoms. I am fine, ”said Rahamathullah from Puthanatham in Trichy.

TJ headquarters spokesman Tamin Ansari told TOI that Delhi health authorities and police have been taking Masjid inmates in batches of 65 for examination at government hospitals for the past three days. “They were checking over 65s,” Ansari said. He said that the conference, a biannual exercise, was organized for the TJ ulemas of each state to assess intra-religious conversions. The conference from March 21 to 23 was for the TN chapter.

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