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No plan to extend coronavirus blockade for a week, clarifies cabinet secretary



A news report released by a digital media organization claimed that the national blockade that Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to combat the spread of the Covid-19 infection could last for a week. PM Modi, in a speech to the nation, announced a national shutdown on March 24, 2020.

The ‘Exclusive’ report titled, ‘Modi govt could extend the coronavirus blockade for a week when an exodus of migrants triggers the alarm’, stated that the possible extension of the blockade is due to the fact that ‘the exodus of migrants from the national capital may having partially defeated its purpose. ‘

The report attributed multiple citations to multiple officials “familiar with the situation” without naming them. He said one of these officials is a member of the Covid-19 working group.

The report also said that while one official said the blockade could be extended for a week, the other two officials were of the opinion that a two-month blockade would be necessary to contain the spread of the new Covid-19 coronavirus.


The claims made in the news report are false.

Prasar Bharti News Services (PBNS) posted a tweet saying that Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba denied any plans to extend the blockade.

PBNS posted a tweet of their verified ID saying: “Fake news alert. PBNS contacted the Cabinet Secretary in this news article. The Cabinet Secretary expressed surprise and said there is no such plan to extend the blockade” .

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