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MP: Migrant worker cuts plaster and begins to limp for home in Rajasthan, 240 km away | Indore News


INDORE: When told at the state border that only those walking the road would be allowed, a migrant worker cut the cast on his fractured leg and started walking back home on Monday.

Bhawarlal has more than 240 km of agony left before he can reach his home in Rajasthan.

The images of him sitting on the road and cutting his cast turned viral in the morning, reflecting the plight of thousands of migrant workers heading both ways. While most return to Madhya Pradesh from neighboring states, Bhawarlal goes from Pipariya in Hoshangabad district of MP to Baran in Rajasthan.

He was among hundreds of detainees at the border in Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh on Monday and said only pedestrians would be allowed more, sources say. They had gathered at the border in the hope that the administration of either state would provide them with transportation, but their hopes were dashed.

Bhawarlal looked at his cast (he has three fingers and fractured his ankle) and picked up a pair of scissors.

“I have come this far (500 km) in a vehicle and I am desperate to get to my family and my hometown. I realize that the police have stopped the movement of people at the border as a security measure, but I have no choice. My family is alone and I don’t have a job, so I can’t send them money. I have to cut the plaster and walk to my hometown, about 242 km away, “he said.

In fact, he explained: “The plaster weighs more than 2 kg. I can limp better without him.

Tehsildar Mukesh Bamaniya, who was deployed at the border, said: “Following instructions, all borders have been sealed and movement of vehicles has been stopped.” Those staying at the border will be provided with food and water, but no other agreement, including transportation, was available, he added.

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