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“The sudden closure has created immense panic and confusion”: Rahul Gandhi writes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressman Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, saying the sudden closure has created immense panic and confusion in the country.

The leader of Congress urged the Prime Minister to consider the potentially devastating impact of the coronavirus in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a televised speech on March 24, imposed a 21-day blockade across the country to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Rahul said the scenario in India is different from that of other large countries, and therefore the measures that are practical there cannot be replicated here.

“The number of poor people in India who depend on daily income is simply too large for us to unilaterally shut down all economic activity,” Rahul wrote.

The former president of Congress urged the government to adopt a more “nuanced” and “targeted” approach to address the spread of the virus.

“We must immediately strengthen the social safety net and use all the public resources we have to support and protect poor workers,” he added.

Rahul welcomed the government’s decision to announce a financial package to manage the pandemic, while affirming that “prompt delivery of the package is equally important.”

He also emphasized the need to increase fan production, conduct more testing, and the need to establish larger capacity hospitals.

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