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Sonia Gandhi: Focus on migrant workers walking home, Sonia a PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: President of Congress Sonia Gandhi wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking for immediate help for migrant workers walking home, saying that the purpose of the confinement should not be defeated by allowing the poor to bear its cost. She said transportation should be available to take migrants home and that district pickers should be held accountable for those who cannot afford to rent a guest house.

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The party urged the government to immediately focus on migrant workers forced to walk long distances to their hometowns and the poor who have no daily needs during the shutdown.

Posting a video of a boy crying saying he and his family were hungry for four days as police were shown driving people trying to bring them food, former head of Congress Rahul Gandhi tweeted: “The closure will devastate our poor and weak. It will hit the India we love hard. India is not black and white. Our decisions have to be carefully thought out. A more nuanced and compassionate approach is required to deal with this crisis. It is still not too late “.


AICC Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra called on the government to help migrant workers reach their homes in UP and Bihar, stressing that Indians trapped abroad were brought back by sending special flights earlier.

“It is sad to see that thousands of people are forced to migrate on foot to UP and Bihar. They are Indians, our people, they do forced labor, they are poor. Isn’t it our responsibility to help them? When so many people were stranded abroad, we sent special planes to bring them back and unite them with their families. Everyone wants to be at home with their family during a crisis. These poor people have the same desire. They are workers who work honestly in Delhi. All political parties should join hands to help them. The Uttar Pradesh Congress has formed a task force to help them, but without the help of the government, they would not be able to get home. I urge the government to help them, “he said in a video statement.

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