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The girl from Calcutta offers apartments without rent to doctors and nurses with social exclusion | Kolkata News


KOLKATA: At a time when doctors and nurses treating Covid-19 patients are fighting a daily battle, in the hospital and in neighborhoods, where they have been excluded for “infection management,” a senior student year at the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI) he convinced his father to give his two free rental flats to these health workers.

After the 26-year-old posted on social media, two doctors and a nurse contacted her on Thursday.

Suchana Saha has been upset since she read about the humiliation and abuse faced by frontline health workers treating Covid-19 patients. His businessman father owns two apartments in Nagerbazar that had been rented until six months ago. “On Thursday, I asked my father if we could turn them over to accommodate displaced doctors and nurses treating patients with Covid-19. This will be our small contribution in the fight against the virus. We will not take any rent from guests, ”Saha said.


The two floors are in this building.

Her father Pranab Kumar Saha was more than happy to help. Their only condition has been that the two floors will be given only to “displaced doctors and nurses who handle people infected with new coronaviruses.” “I own two of the 16 floors in a building. When my daughter came up with this idea, I contacted the person who handles matters related to those apartments. He promised there would be no problem if these floors were handed over to boycotted doctors and nurses, ”he said.

Since Thursday, Saha’s post has been shared 1.4k times. “Some doctors even called saying they would pay the rent. But we said that we would not take the payment, since it would be contrary to the purpose, “he added.


A screenshot of the post Suchana shared

One of the callers was an Uluberia nurse who works at a state hospital. “She told me that she had been in the hospital for two days. Two doctors from private hospitals have also been contacted. I have asked them to visit with proof of identification documents, ”he said.

Since the floors have not been in use for six months, they need cleaning and disinfection before use. Suchana’s brother Swarnabh, next door neighbor Tapasi Mondal, and cook Jyotsna Mondal helped her in the first round of cleanup. “My ISC has just ended. Long before the closing began, my sister warned us all at home about how this disease could affect us. It was her idea to turn over these floors, “said the 18-year-old, picking up a broom to clean the floors.

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