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Maruti Suzuki fans: Maruti Suzuki plans to manufacture 10,000 units of fans per month


NEW DELHI: Maruti Suzuki India (MSI) said Saturday that it plans to rapidly increase the production of ventilators with the intention of reaching a volume of 10,000 units per month in association with AgVa Healthcare.

“An agreement has been reached with AgVa Healthcare, an existing approved ventilator manufacturer,” said the country’s largest automakers.

In the collaboration, AgVa Healthcare will be responsible for the technology, performance and issues related to all of the ventilators produced and sold by them, MSI said.

He added that, for his part, the auto specialist will use its suppliers to produce the required volume of components and will use its experience and knowledge to update the systems for the production and quality control of the highest volumes.

MSI would also help, to the extent required, organize financing and obtain all the required permits and approvals to allow for higher production, the largest automaker said.

The company would provide these services free of charge to AgVa Healthcare, he added.

Additionally, Krishna Maruti Limited, an MSI joint venture with Ashok Kapur, will manufacture 3-layer masks to supply Haryana and the central government.

Production is expected to begin as soon as all approvals are received. Kapur will provide 2 million masks at no cost as its own contribution, he added. Bharat Seats Limited, another MSI joint venture with the Relan family, would manufacture protective clothing as soon as all approvals are in effect.

He added that all manufacturing units will take the utmost care to protect the safety and health of workers in accordance with government recommended practices.

Earlier in the week, automaker Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) announced that it expects to get a sophisticated fan at just Rs 7,500, which otherwise costs up to Rs 10 lakh.

Tata Motors also plans to come up with fan manufacturing.

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