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Coronavirus: Modi announces ‘PM CARES Fund’, urges people to donate | India News


NEW DELHI: As India grapples with the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced Saturday that an “emergency fund” has been formed as people from all walks of life expressed their desire to donate to the country’s war on COVID -19.

Appealing to other Indians, the Prime Minister asked citizens to contribute to the Prime Minister’s Emergency Relief and Citizen Relief Fund, adding that this will go a long way towards creating a “healthier India.”

“Kindly contribute to the PM-CARES Fund. This Fund will also address similar distressing situations, if they occur in the near future,” said Modi, sharing details on how people can donate.

PM Modi also said that the PM-CARES Fund accepts micro donations as well. “It will strengthen disaster management capabilities and encourage research on the protection of citizens,” he added.

“Let us not leave stone unturned to make India healthier and more prosperous for our future generations,” said the prime minister.

The government said the fund’s main objective is to deal with any type of emergency or distress situation, such as the one posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide aid to those affected.

Prime Minister Modi is the president of this trust and its other members include the defense minister, the interior minister and the finance minister.

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