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Akshay Kumar agrees to donate Rs. Rs 25 million for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s CARES fund


Amid the severe outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, superstar Akshay Kumar has stepped forward to contribute Rs 25 crore to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s CARES fund. In a tweet, the actor mentioned that it is the moment when the only thing that matters is the lives of our people.

A while ago, Prime Minister Modi had shared a tweet urging people to donate funds for disaster management facilities. He wrote: “The PM-CARES Fund also accepts micro-grants. It will strengthen disaster management capabilities and encourage research to protect citizens. Let us not leave stone unturned to make India healthier and more prosperous for our future generations. ”

In response to the Prime Minister’s tweet, Akshay mentioned: “This is the time when the only thing that matters is the lives of our people. And we have to do whatever is necessary. I agree to contribute Rs 25 million of my savings to @narendramodi ji’s PM-CARES Fund. Let’s save lives, Jaan hai toh jahaan hai. ”

In response to the actor’s post, PM wrote: “Great gesture @akshaykumar. Let’s continue donating for a healthier India. ”

Recently, Akshay also shared a video sternly addressing Indian citizens to follow government instructions and not leave their homes in the midst of the shutdown. “At the risk of sounding repetitive, sharing my thoughts … there is a blockage for a reason. Please don’t be selfish and venture out, you are putting the lives of others at risk
@mybmc“he shared.

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