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Airtel CEO writes heartfelt letter to all customers and employees: preparing to fight COVID-19 and keeping the country connected


In these unprecedented times, we are witnessing and being part of a historical war waged against disease. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, doctors, nurses, researchers and service personnel are at the forefront of this battle, while most of us in self-isolation do not have it easy either. Staying in this global pandemic and going through these difficult times is affecting our mental and physical health. Some of us are away from family, some are struggling to understand working from home, and almost all are looking for ways to stay calm and find a balance. But despite all this, staying connected to our core group is one of the main ways that keeps us going. And leaders around the world have been conveying this message and stressing the importance of communication, keeping a safe distance.

Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal did just that in a heartfelt letter to all customers and employees. Airtel has taken all possible measures to guarantee the safety of its employees and maintain uninterrupted services for its clients. The letter highlights how Airtel is practicing
virtual communication steps. Read Mr. Gopal Vittal’s full letter for more information.

Letter from CEO Airtel.

Mr. Vittal also encouraged people to continue with their daily routines, but in the virtual world. Whether you’re running or recharging your phone, most things can be done online from home. With Airtel taking enthusiastic initiatives to make all of its services available in the Airtel Thanks app, the reason for withdrawing has been downplayed, and honestly is the need for the hour. The telecommunications company has also ensured that any Airtel employee with whom it interacts takes all appropriate precautions. Experts have advocated staying indoors to help contain the situation and staying connected is the only way to practice social distancing while staying calm. So stay indoors, stay connected and start communicating.

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