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Rate of increase in “relatively stabilizing” positive cases: Government | India News


NEW DELHI: The government said Thursday that the rate of increase in Covid-19 positives has “relatively stabilized” in recent days, even when it emphasized that there was no room for complacency and alertness with an implementation. determined. of a national blockade.

The Ministry of Health reported 43 new cases and four additional deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the number of confirmed cases to 649 so far, of which 593 are active cases and 42 were cured and discharged, while one case was my degree. The total number of deaths from Covid-19 is now 13.

“Although the number of cases is increasing, we are seeing a relatively stable trend in the rate at which cases are increasing or a little decrease in the rate of increase,” said Joint Health Secretary Lav Agarwal. He added that the country was “fully prepared” to fight the virus.

In an indication that the Center continues to view the threat as serious, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan conducted a detailed review with his state counterparts in the afternoon that lasted more than two and a half hours. The discussion focused on states with high numbers, with others who obtained advice on how to prevent and combat such situations.

The discussion focused on the preparation of hospital facilities and the effectiveness of contact monitoring and quarantine exercise. At the government briefing, Agarwal emphasized that it was too early to read a clear trend, requiring that both the government and citizens remain vigilant and fully adhere to the blockade.

In addition, complying with government-issued guidelines and protocols for social distancing and other measures will help to maintain the trend and overcome the problem, he said. The government also said there was no “strong evidence” that the coronavirus pandemic has reached the stage of community transmission in India, adding that India continued in stage 2 of localized transmission.

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