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Kerala Corona News: Kerala man ends life after “liquor store closes” | Kochi News


THRISSUR: In what is popularly described as the first suicide case in the context of the closure of alcoholic beverage stores in the state, the body of a 38-year-old man was found hanging from a tree in Thuvvanoor near Kecheri in the Friday morning district.

The deceased has been identified as Kulangara Veettil Sanoj. Police said family and neighbors had stated that they drank regularly and were concerned about liquor stores closing in the wake of the national shutdown amid growing Covid-19 cases.

However, his cousin Pradeep said Sanoj was concerned about many other charges. His father Changan is bedridden, mother Janaki is also ill, he himself had not come to any part of life, he survived wandering jobs, he had not yet married, and the confinement had drastically reduced his job opportunities, he said Pradeep.

“Sanoj was probably drinking to avoid confronting these harsh realities of life, and when there was a drop in the flow of liquor, he must have found it unbearable to face the truth and could have decided to end his life,” said Pradeep.

Kunnamkulam ACP T S Sanoj said the police had not recovered any suicide notes from the victim’s home.

Meanwhile, prominent psychologist Prof P O George warned of the dangers of attributing suicide to a single cause of unavailability of liquor. “Of course, we must strengthen addiction elimination facilities to support people who may show withdrawal symptoms in the immediate days of liquor absence. But suicides are triggered by multiple factors, and attributing it to one cause will be an oversimplification. and reductionism. ” general blocking has also created situations of various forms of isolation and vulnerability, “said Professor George.

Keralainister for local self-government, A C Moideen said that committees at the neighborhood level should ensure that people who show withdrawal symptoms are taken to addiction centers.

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