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Heat can slow down the corona but early summer is unlikely | India News


NEW DELHI: Many Indians have been praying for an early start to peak summer this year in light of some studies that have shown that transmission of Covid-19 infections can decrease at high temperatures. That hope may fade, as the department’s fulfilled forecasts show that the chances of summer settling down early are low.

Temperatures in most of India are likely to remain below normal for at least the next two weeks, the extended range forecast from the Indian Department of Meteorology reveals. The forecast, which provides weekly prospects for the next 28 days, shows that the probability of mercury reaching 40 ° C, even in central India, is low until the second week of April.

Summer comes earlier to the south and central India than to the north because these regions are closer to the equator. “Several parts of the rains in northern and central India are likely to rain in the next two to three days under the influence of consecutive highly active western disturbances (WD). Again, next week, some rains are expected in northern India, particularly over the Himalayas, “said Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, head of IMD.

Mohapatra added that temperatures are not expected to rise significantly in most of India over the next two weeks or so. A recent analysis by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that coronavirus infections can be transmitted at a slower rate in places where the weather is warm. The study is not definitive, nor has it been peer reviewed.

Overall, the high summer period in India has the fewest number of virus infections.

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