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Look, I recommend you with E Times: treat your house as “lakshman rekha” during this confinement, says Nazar’s fame, Monalisa


As part of our exclusive section that I recommend with ETimes TV, today we have Nazar actress Monalisa urging her fans to support the Prime Minister’s movement and follow the 21-day shutdown. Every day is a new challenge for everyone and celebrities around the world are motivating everyone to stay upbeat and excited during this time.

Monalisa asked her fans to exercise, read books, cook, and also spend more and more time with family members. She said: “It is a very crucial moment. Treat your home as “lakshman rekha” and request that you not leave your home. ”

Furthermore, he said it is the best time to spend so much time with his family since no one has that much time in their busy lives. Monalisa started reading books and started exercising twice a day to keep herself busy.

Currently reading a Joel Osteen book, the actress shared: “There are many things to do around the house. I have started exercising twice. I am reading books on positivity. Watch TV shows. This time it is difficult but this will also happen. Keep smiling.”

Stay tuned for more recommendations from your favorite TV celebrities in this space.

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