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Grocery stores may be open 24/7 during closing in Karnataka: DGP | Bengaluru News


BENGALURU: The Director General of Police (DGP) Praveen Sood said on Wednesday that grocery stores and supermarkets can remain open for 24 hours across the state for the convenience of people.

Sood’s statement came on Wednesday after panic among people following the government’s announcement of a 21-day national shutdown starting March 24.

Although the government had ensured the uninterrupted supply of essential services, there were reports from across the city and different parts of the state of the police not allowing the movement of e-commerce grocery delivery agents, as well as people venturing into buy essential items. There were also reports of police forcibly closing grocery stores across the state. This had led to panic buying and overcrowding in the markets.

In response, Praveen Sood tweeted: “For the convenience of citizens, grocery stores and supermarkets looking for food items may be open 24/7 across the state. Cooperate with the police by avoiding crowds. “He also said that patients requiring medical attention can enter and leave the hospital without passing the curfew.

The decision to issue the curfew was also made Wednesday by the city’s police commissioner, Bhaskar Rao, after a meeting with e-commerce aggregators. After the meeting, the police department announced a pass system to regulate the movement of people. Individuals providing essential services such as food delivery agents, pharmaceutical companies, e-commerce platforms, staff of medical establishments, and others will receive a pass.

Sood’s tweet was well received by citizens, hoping it will ease the situation. A Twitter user Ashok said: “Good decision, sir. Request to place an order, please provide two hours time interval for seniors. They are more susceptible to infection. ”

However, some citizens were skeptical about its implementation on the ground. Like a Twitter user, Viswanath tweeted: “Opening stores is one thing, but can the general public go there without fear of bullying? I hope you know how it happened today. Another Twitter user, Krisna said: “Great move. For this, the crowd would remain. Inform your subordinates so we don’t have problems while traveling. ”

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