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Doctor on call: the government issues guidelines for telemedicine | India News


NEW DELHI: On Wednesday, the Ministry of Health issued telemedicine guidelines that allowed doctors to write prescriptions based on phone conversations that reduce transmission risks for medical professionals and patients.

The measure, aimed at decongesting health care facilities from Covid-19, will also make health care accessible to remote areas in general and will enable faster intervention with current immobilization due to the coronavirus that makes visits to hospitals and clinics.

The document provides information on various aspects of telemedicine, including the technological platforms and tools available to medical professionals and how to integrate these technologies to provide healthcare. It also explains how the technology and transmission of voice, data, images, and information should be used in conjunction with other clinical standards, protocols, policies, and procedures to deliver care.

“Disasters and pandemics pose unique challenges in providing medical care. Although telemedicine will not solve them all, it is suitable for settings where physicians can evaluate and manage patients. A telemedicine visit can be conducted without exposing the staff to viruses / infections at the time of such outbreaks, “said the guidelines framed by the board of governors of the Indian Medical Council along with Niti Aayog.

The guidelines say that practicing telemedicine can prevent the risk of transmission of infectious diseases to both health workers and patients. Unnecessary and avoidable exposure of people involved in health care provision can be avoided by telemedicine and patients can be remotely evaluated. In addition, it also allows additional resources.

“Therefore, healthcare systems that invest in telemedicine are well positioned to ensure that patients with Covid-19 problems receive the care they need,” according to the guidelines.

“Clarity in regulations on telemedicine and digital healthcare was the need of the hour, especially in light of Covid-19. This has made access to quality healthcare easier and more accessible to the masses,” he said. Shashank ND, Co-Founder and CEO of Practo. .

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