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Coronavirus cases in India today: Relatively stable trend in the rate at which coronavirus infection is increasing: Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: There has not yet been strong evidence of community transmission of Covid-19 in India and the infection appears to be relatively stabilized considering the rate at which it is increasing, the health ministry said Thursday.

At the same time, he said the latest figures do not set a clear trend and the government is in no way relaxed about anything at the moment.

The number of coronavirus cases rose to 694 in India on Thursday and death rose to 16, according to the health ministry.

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Lav Agarwal, joint secretary of the ministry of health, said at a press conference that while “the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing, there appears to be a relatively stable trend or even a small reduction in the rate at which they are increasing ”

“However, this does not set a clear trend and we are in no way relaxed about anything at the moment.”

Agarwal said the ministry hopes to contain the spread of the coronavirus through a policy of social distancing, adequately follow up on contacts of positive cases, and ensure that all people in domestic quarantine are monitored.

While adding a cautionary note, Agarwal said that the community transmission phase of the disease will begin if the community and government do not work collectively and follow established guidelines for social distancing, home quarantine and treatment.

He urged people to support the blockade announced by the prime minister saying that social distancing can be an effective intervention to break the chain of transmission and that all efforts will be wasted even if a person does not follow the disease containment policy.

“The continued support of the people is needed for the implementation of the blockade,” he said.

Commenting on the cases reported in Hyderabad and Bhilwada, Raman R. Gangakhedkar, ICMR chief of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases, said: “In one or two cases we cannot say that there has been community transmission. Also why should we hide if there has been a community broadcast. ”

“There is still no solid evidence to say that there has been community transmission of coronavirus infection in India,” he said. Agarwal further said that 17 states began work on allocating hospitals for the dedicated treatment of patients with Covid-19 on demand.

He also denied that the virus is spread through mosquitoes.

He further said that the Cabinet Secretary had discussed closing measures and state readiness in terms of hospitals and logistical arrangements with all senior secretaries and has called for an arrangement to be made to ensure that essential products reach people.

He said the ministry in collaboration with AIIMS, Delhi, began providing protocol guidance by training online doctors on epidemiology, infection control practices and case management.

“In addition, the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is involved by the government to carry out behavior module training,” he said.

Agarwal reported that around 64,411 people across the country have been monitored.

Of these, 8,300 people are quarantined at the facilities, while the rest are in home quarantine.

States are monitoring people who came to India before travel restrictions were imposed, he said.

Assuring the general public, Agarwal said India is up for the Covid-19 challenge.

An Interior Ministry official said that during a meeting of the Group of Ministers, a discussion on travel restrictions was held and will soon be broadcast to the public.

Prime Minister Modi announced a national blockade for 21 days starting at midnight on Tuesday.

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