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Coronavirus: 7 more deaths reach 20; cases cross 700 in India | India News


NEW DELHI: Seven deaths from Covid-19 infections were reported across the country Thursday, the highest single-day count to date, bringing the disease to 20, even as states recorded 71 new cases. , including four in Delhi. The total number of coronavirus cases so far in India crossed the 700 mark, ending the day at 727, according to state reports.

The health ministry confirmed six new Covid-19 deaths, including some already reported by TOI. The total number of deaths confirmed by the ministry is 16. The ministry reported 88 new cases, the highest official single-day count so far, bringing its total to 694. Two deaths were reported by Mumbai, both women aged 65 with No travel history.

Most deaths have occurred in the elderly and people with comorbidities. At J&K, a 65-year-old Sopore merchant and preacher became the Valley’s first Covid-19 victim. Rajasthan, where a 73-year-old virushit Bhilwara resident succumbed to Covid-19 on Thursday and succumbed to another death. “The patient suffered from diabetes, chronic kidney disease and stroke,” said state health minister Raghu Sharma.

Madhya Pradesh also reported her second death. A 35-year-old man, with no history of foreign travel who was hospitalized with fever, cough, and shortness of breath and then tested positive for Covid-19, died during treatment in Indore. Previously, a 65-year-old state woman, who had tested positive for Covid-19, had succumbed to the disease. Gujarat recorded the death of a 70-year-old man and five new positive cases on Thursday, bringing the total number of positives to 44. Covid-19 has claimed three lives in the state.

The latest victim, a Bhavnagar resident, had recently traveled to Delhi. He also suffered from cancer, diabetes and heart disease, local authorities said. So far there have been no Covid-19 deaths in Kerala, although the state reported the highest number of new cases, 19, on Thursday. Maharashtra, the other Covid-19 access point, reported eight new cases. Kerala has had 137 patients with Covid-19 so far, the highest in the country, followed by Maharashtra (130), Karanataka (55), Telangana (45) and Gujarat (44). A total of four new Covid-19 cases were confirmed from Delhi on Thursday, bringing the total count to 39.

Lav Aggarwal, joint secretary of the ministry of health, said that although the number of COVID-19 cases was increasing, there appears to be a relatively stable trend or even a small reduction in the rate at which they are increasing. “However, this does not set a clear trend and we are in no way relaxed about anything at the moment.”

Agarwal said the ministry hopes to contain the spread of the coronavirus through the social distancing policy, adequately track contacts of positive cases, and ensure that all quarantined people in the home are monitored. He urged people to support the blockade announced by the prime minister, saying that social distancing can be an effective intervention to break the chain of transmission and that all efforts will be wasted even if a person does not follow the disease containment policy .

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