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Blockade in India: documents you will need if you are on the road during the blockade | Delhi News


NEW DELHI: While the restrictions under section 144 of the CrPC, which prohibits the assembly of four or more people, remained in place amid a national blockade, here is a list of documents you must have to hit the road.

Government personnel in the exempt category require a government-issued identity card

Those who don’t need movement passes

* * Individuals who go to nearby stores to buy essential food and medicine or go to emergency health consultations. No more than two people can be together

* * People involved in ongoing agricultural, livestock and fishing activities.

Those who require identification cards only from their employers

* * Medical personnel, nurses, paramedical personnel and other personnel from all health facilities.

* * Workers in electricity, water, conservation services, banks and other public services, including those related to oil, LPG, CNG.

* * Print and electronic media employees, as well as those associated with newspaper delivery.

* * Railway / port / airport personnel and vehicles in relation to the movement of goods and essential goods.

Those who require employer authorization letters, backed by local police / SDO

* * Personnel associated with the distribution of essential products under PDS, hypermarkets, super stores, e-commerce platforms, home delivery of food

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