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Kabul Attack: Gunmen attack a Sikh religious gathering in Kabul; 4 dead | World News


AMRITSAR: Militants stormed the Gurdwara Har Rai Sahib in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday morning spreading the reign of terror among Afghanistan’s tiny Sikh community. According to the latest report, 11 people died in the attack.

IS said its fighters were carrying out an attack on the temple, according to a statement released by SITE, which monitors jihadist networks around the world, according to an AFP report.

A local Sikh who declined to give his name informed TOI by phone from Kabul that armed gunmen entered the Gurdwara compound on Wednesday morning when sangat was offering prayers and began spraying bullets and dropping bombs.

The ministry of foreign affairs condensed the incident. “We strongly condemn the heinous terrorist attack on a Gurudwara in Kabul. Such cowardly attacks on the places of worship of minority communities, especially at this time, reflect the diabolical mindset of the perpetrators and their sponsors,” official spokesperson, ministry of foreign affairs. Raveesh Kumar tweeted.

A frightened Sikh who together with his family lives in the gurdwara also sent a video reporting the incident.

In the video, his family is seen huddled in the corner of the room. Many Sikh families in Kabul live in the gurdwara, which has around fifty rooms.

He is heard saying that he, together with his uncle, left the room around 8 am when he saw the corpse of a security personnel and two Sikhs.

“I saw a person in civilian clothes and I took him as a security officer, I complained that you have come so late, everyone has been killed, the person was actually a militant and I was shot, I had a narrow escape and then we ran to a nearby room ”, you hear the person say in the video.

Furthermore, he says that the militant dropped another bomb in Gurdwara that did not explode and was still there.

Afghanistan’s Sikh member parliament Narinder Singh said in a video that the police would not allow them to enter the gurdwara complex, but according to locals, everyone in the morning prayer had died.

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