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Tamil Nadu Lockdown: Tamil Nadu will be under lockdown from Tuesday night, Section 144 will be in effect | Chennai News


CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu will be locked from 6pm Tuesday to March 31 to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and Section 144 of the CrPc will be in force to prevent people from gathering anywhere, the chief minister announced Edappadi K Palanisami at the assembly on Monday.

“Following the recommendations of the Center to avoid Covid-19, the state government decided to close all districts from 6pm on Tuesday. People must follow social distancing to prevent the spread of the virus, “said the prime minister.

He said that although the Center had recommended closure only in the Chennai, Kancheepuram and Erode districts, the government decided to close all districts.

“Beginning at 6pm on Tuesday, all district borders will be closed until March 31st. A detailed order on this will be released in the evening. All district collectors and police officers have been asked to implement the order under Section 144 of the CrPC, ”said the prime minister.

Only essential vehicles would be allowed and all other vehicles such as government buses, private buses, any other private vehicles, cars, taxis, and others would not be able to go from one district to another.

“Essential products like milk, vegetables, groceries, fish and meat will remain open along with medical stores. All other stores, malls and others will be closed until March 31. Likewise, essential government departments and services will function, and all other departments will remain closed, “said the chief minister.

Essential departments include police, health, district administration, fire services, prison, and local agencies.

“All employees of private companies will have to work from home. These companies include IT companies. But private hospitals will continue to operate. Commodity manufacturing companies will be able to work with fewer workers, “said the chief minister.

Except for urgent construction, all other construction work will have to stop and companies must pay employees for days when there was no work, he said.

“To help homeless people and other homeless workers, hotels will be able to function. Amma dining rooms will also function,” he said.

Those who come from abroad must be quarantined. They must be mandatorily examined in government hospitals or private hospitals and the proper medications taken, Palaniswami said.

District collectors would take steps to help pregnant women and seniors during the shutdown. “We are thinking of helping families that have been affected due to the closure and the order will be released separately,” said Palanisami.

The Prime Minister sought public support to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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