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Swati Rawal: the brave mother who brought home 263 stranded Indians from Italy | Ahmedabad News


AHMEDABAD: It was a moment of pride for Gujarat when Air India commercial pilot Swati Raval brought home 263 Indians stranded in Italy, a country devastated by the COVID-19 outbreak. Her safe return not only instilled hope and optimism in hundreds of Indians and their families, especially in Corona’s time, but also made her family proud!

“She called me on March 21 at night after she was asked to go to Italy along with a team of 22 people,” Swati father S D Rawal said, speaking to TOI. “I asked her what she had said and she replied instantly:” I agreed to go! ”

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Raval went on to say: “I have been a forestry officer and have always remained in government service, regardless of the circumstances, and I am very proud that my daughter did the same. She is not scared.

Raval said that after Swati flew the plane to Rome, all the passengers were ready, and she took them back to Delhi. “I was definitely worried about her the whole time,” he said. “But the way that she and the crew members bravely brought all the passengers home safely is commendable.”

Swati, who is the mother of two children, received commercial pilot training from Rae Bareli and has been working with Air India since 2006.

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