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Shaheen Bagh News: Delhi Police Clear Anti-CAA Protest Site In Shaheen Bagh | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Delhi police on Tuesday left the Shaheen Bagh protest site to enforce the blockade under Section 144 of the CrPC that does not allow a public meeting. Protesters were also informed of an eviction earlier. The protest had been going on for over 100 days.

Police also withdrew protesters from the anti-CAA demonstration sites of Jamia, Hauz Rani and Seelampur in the capital.

Police say most of the protesters had voluntarily left the site on Monday leaving their belongings, while a few stayed behind. These people were also informed that more than four people would not be allowed to gather at the protest site due to the prohibitive orders.

“People at the Shaheen Bagh protest site today were asked to clear the site as the closure was imposed. But after they refused, action was taken against the violators because the assembly was illegal. The protest site It was cleared. Some protesters have been detained, “DCP South East said.

On Tuesday morning, the police brought in cranes to remove the temporary structures erected along the way. The huge tent under which the protests were held was also dismantled.

Protesters previously said they would take turns during the day to control the protest site starting Monday. They would also not be allowed to use microphones, as it is prohibited by Section 144 of the CrPC, currently enforced in the city.

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