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Narendra Modi’s speech today: PM Modi announces 21-day closure in India from midnight | India News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the second time in less than a week, as India grappled with the raging coronavirus pandemic, which has now affected 190 countries worldwide.

Here are the highlights from his Tuesday night speech:

* PM thanks the nation for the success of ‘Janta curfew’ on March 22

* The nation united for the Janta curfew

* The coronavirus has extended the resources even of the developed nations.

* Social distancing is the only way to stop the coronavirus, please stay indoors.

* Some have the illusion that social distancing is only for those who have the infection

* India will have to pay a high price if social distancing is not respected

* The whole country will be closed from midnight tonight

* The total ban on moving houses from midnight tonight will be applied more strictly than the Janta curfew

* The 21-day blockade will apply nationwide

* 21 days of isolation much needed to break the coronavirus chain

* 21 days blockade, if not effectively applied it will delay the country in 21 years

* There is an invisible ‘Lakshmanrekha’ at everyone’s door

* Coronavirus affected the first 100,000 people in 67 days, but the next 100,000 in just 11 days

* The next 100,000 were infected in just 4 days

* This is enough to understand how quickly it spreads

* Italy, USA USA With better health infrastructure they have struggled to cope with the outbreak

* We need to learn from the countries that have successfully mitigated the crisis.

* These countries were able to stop the spread with a strict blockade

* Whatever happens, we should not leave our houses

* This is true for villagers in remote regions, and also for the nation’s Prime Minister.

* We are at the crossroads when our decisions will decide how effectively we treat the situation

* I appeal with my hands together, stay in their homes and reflect on all those people who face difficulties to keep it safe.

* Think of the doctors, paramedics, ambulance drivers who are at the forefront of the fight.

* The police, those who work in the media have to be outside working, think of them

* We have made every effort to guarantee the supply of essential goods

* Maximum priority to measures that guarantee the safety of people’s lives.

* The center has assigned Rs 15,000 cr for the coronavirus battle

* Isolation rooms and beds, fans and other arrangements to be made with this amount

* I am glad that the private sector has come to the aid of the nation’s people.

* Do not take any medication without the advice of doctors.

* Improper treatment can be life threatening.

* I am sure that the Indians will be victorious in this battle

* Take care of yourself and your loved ones

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